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Identity Theft has become the fastest growing crime in the United States and losses have totaled in the billions annually. Identity Theft can involve credit card fraud, credit card cloning, assuming someone else’s identity, and various other related crimes depending on the laws in your state. These financial losses are eventually passed on to citizens through higher fees and interest rates.

Retail Theft losses have also surpassed a billion dollars annually. These financial losses are passed on to consumers through higher prices. empowers citizens to fight crime at their convenience without having to leave their home or identify themselves. This cutting edge Law Enforcement tool is crime fighting on steroids. This unique site has the potential to significantly reduce criminal activity in your business community, saving you money.

To help minimize losses involving credit card fraud and to aid Law Enforcement with identifying the point of compromise in identity theft cases, it is strongly recommended that internet shoppers use a single specific credit card with an appropriate credit limit for their internet shopping. By doing this, if this credit card is ever compromised you will know it involved your internet usage.

It is a well known fact that not all incidents of Identity Theft are reported to Law Enforcement. Many banks that issue credit cards do not require a police report when a customer reports fraud. In the effort to reduce this type of crime, it is important that all victims of Identity Theft report it to their local Law Enforcement agency. A crime can not be investigated if Law Enforcement is not aware it occurred. In many situations today the crime itself does not occur where the victim lives. Reporting these types of crime to your local Law Enforcement agency immediately will increase the likelihood that video surveillance evidence will be preserved and a suspect may be identified. Check your credit report annually to look for unusual activity.

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