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When most people think of a "most wanted" list of criminals, they imagine television specials or federal investigations with roadblocks and closed borders. The sad reality, though, is that even some of the most violent and dangerous criminals escape prosecution, simply because the authorities don't have the resources necessary to find them. In other words, they simply can't be everywhere at once, which means that some cases – even incredibly important ones – slip through the cracks.
We can all agree, however, that it's important to keep criminals from the most wanted list off the streets. That was one of the motivations for the website. By creating a forum where users can submit tips and information anonymously, we want to build a bridge between law enforcement and the general public, so that these men and women can be put back behind bars where they belong.
If you think you couldn't identify a person on wanted for questioning in your area, think again. There are a number reasons that what you know maybe invaluable to local police and federal agents:

Most wanted criminals often hide in plain sight.

While it's tempting to assume that major criminals hide out in unpopulated areas, that is rarely ever the case. Since most are accustomed to city or suburban life, those are the areas they seek out – usually under a new name or identity. That makes them hard for police investigators to find, but easily recognizable to friends, neighbors, and others who live near their new home.

You don't have to know  a lot about a wanted person to be helpful.

Although it would certainly be helpful if you could provide an address, employer, etc. for a most wanted criminal, that kind of information is rarely available… and not usually needed. Detectives and police investigators are great at their jobs; sometimes, all they need is a single piece of information to begin their search. Once you provide it, they can follow-up, check the details, and start filling in the blanks.

There are wanted individuals in every neighborhood, and in every part of the country.

 There isn't any particular kind of community, or geographic location, where most wanted criminals tend to concentrate. From busy city streets to quiet suburban neighborhoods, they could be hiding anywhere, so it's important that concerned citizens keep their eyes open.

With our anonymous, blind-submission system, no one has to know where your tip came from.

 It only takes a few minutes to browse the photos submitted by law enforcement professionals in your area, and all of the tips that you submit to our site are 100% anonymous – you don't have to worry that someone will identify you as an informant, because we don't collect, keep, or share any personal information about you.
Naturally, bringing in most wanted criminals is a high priority in every state and community. Do you have a few minutes to look through the listings of wanted persons in your area, to do your part and possibly earn a reward?
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