Loss Prevention

What Businesses Wish You Knew About Loss Prevention

Even if you don't work in a retail store, you have probably heard of "loss prevention" in the past. Basically, it comes down to a simple problem: what can stores due to prevent thieves from taking merchandise?
The answers can range from very simple ideas (like embedded barcodes and doorway scanners) to the more sophisticated (like in-store detectives that looked like normal shoppers). Either way, many of us have become so accustomed to the social phenomenon of shoplifting that we don't give it much thought. After all, it's just something that people do, and that we all have to live with… or is it?
Shoplifting isn't normal behavior, and loss prevention is a huge topic because it's a real problem for businesses. In fact, it can be a pretty big issue for customers, too. To see why, here are three things businesses wish you knew about loss prevention:

You bear the costs of loss prevention.

Many people tend to think that shoplifting is essentially a "victimless crime," especially if items are taken from a large company. Few things could be further from the truth. That's because businesses – even the biggest retailers – pass on the expenses of loss prevention to their customers. In essence, you have to pay more for products because someone else took what they weren't supposed to. So, while shoplifters might be stealing from the store, they are also taking money out of your pocket.

Loss prevention is also about preventing bigger crimes.

When criminals learn that they can steal from stores without paying the consequences, they can be tempted to take bigger risks. In other words, taking something from the shop today could lead to having your car or home broken into tomorrow. Even though loss prevention technically refers to the steps that different stores take, there is no doubt that it's in everyone's best interests to do their part to cut down on shoplifting and prevent other crimes, both in the present and the future.

It's easy to do your part for loss prevention.

You don't have to become a private detective to help businesses in your area with loss prevention. All you have to do is report shoplifters (or suspicious customers) when you see them, and visit our website frequently to see if you recognize any known or wanted persons in your area. If you do, you can submit a tip to help the police locate them, and may even earn a gift card as your reward!
Loss prevention is something that affects all of us, so why not get in on the act and make your community safer and less expensive? Be sure to do your part to prevent shoplifting at the stores you visit, and check back to our site often to help identify suspects in your area and earn gift card rewards.
Loss Prevention

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