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Earn a $25 reward! Offered FREE to Law Enforcement and local Retail Loss Prevention Agents! is a private endeavor created to assist Law Enforcement and Retailers with identifying subjects wanted for questioning in criminal investigations. Identity Theft and related crimes like credit card fraud have plagued society for a number of years and most citizens know of someone, or they themselves have been victims of Identity Theft. Visitors to who can identify subjects, and help reduce their own chances of becoming a victim of Identity Theft, can remain 100% anonymous., Retailers and Law Enforcement do not need to know who you are; we need to know who you know. does not collect the data submitted by users; it merely forwards it to the Law Enforcement agency or Retailer that submitted the image. will display images in the state you choose. As you are viewing the images, if you recognize someone and you can provide a tip with information which will help identify them for Law Enforcement, click on the “Click to enlarge or ID this person” tab below the image. You will then be able to fill in several fields of information. There is also a free-form field where you may type in random information you have on the subject. Some things to think about when providing a TIP about someone is their employer, the car they drive, who they know, where they live, a description of their home if you don’t know the address, etc. You must complete at least one field, but the more information you provide the better. Anyone that submits a TIP that leads to the initial identification of a subject in an image will receive a $25 gift card for a business of their choice. These gift card rewards will be paid for by and sent to you via email from a third party internet based gift card business.  Once you are sent the email advising that the gift card is available to be redeemed, you will have 90 days to redeem the gift card. This gift card business is in no way associated with and any information provided to the gift card website will not be provided or known to Law Enforcement, Retailers or If you would like to be eligible for a reward you must provide an email address in the email address section of the TIP form. 

If for any reason you wish to communicate via email with someone from the Law Enforcement agency or Retailer that submitted an image, you must check the box on the “submit information” page below where you provide your email address. Once the fields section is complete you then click on the “submit” tab to send the TIP to The TIP is then forwarded to the submitting Law Enforcement agency or Retailer. The email address of the person submitting a TIP will only be provided to Law Enforcement or the Retailer if the box requesting that it be is checked. Otherwise, the person providing the TIP will be anonymous. Once Law Enforcement or the Retailer receives and confirms to that a TIP resulted in a subject being identified, you will be sent an email to redeem your $25 gift card. If you do not provide your email address there will be no way that and/or Law Enforcement or Retailer will know who submitted the TIP. If you are concerned about providing your email address, which some times may include personal information about you like your name, but you want to provide an email address, just create a temporary email account to use for this site.

Be sure to check often for new participating Law Enforcement agencies and Retailers or images that have been added. Please contact your local Law Enforcement agency if you would like them to participate.

FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT is a FREE service which is anticipated to be a valuable tool in solving and preventing crimes such as Identity Theft, Credit Card Fraud, and Retail Theft, where images of those involved in criminal activity is obtained. The steps required to join are simple and Law Enforcement agencies and Retail Loss Prevention Agents can begin using the site almost immediately.

  1. Click on the "Request a login" tab at the bottom of the home page.
  2. Complete the required fields on this page and click on the "Request an IDThisPerson login" tab.
  3. Your "User email address" will be the email used to log on to the website and you create your own password. You will be sent a confirmation email.
  4. You will then be allowed to submit images to the site immediately. These images will not post for public viewing until your account is verified, normally within 24 hours.
  5. When a TIP is provided for an image posted by your agency the TIP will be sent to the "user email address".
  6. Your agency is responsible for verifying the TIP.
  7. Your agency will reply via email to whether the TIP was verified or not.
  8. If verified will send a $25 reward to the email that provided the TIP.
  9. The verified image will then need to be removed from your account so others do not provide a TIP on the same image.
  10. Users can manage their account any time by logging on. is offered FREE to all Law Enforcement agencies and local Retail Loss Prevention Agents. Agencies may use the site and upload as many images as they choose; there is no limit. is responsible for paying all rewards, your agency will not be billed.  If you are not satisfied cancel your service by emailing us. 

New users to the site will find on their account page a downloads section with a press release form which allows you to fill in your agencies name and submit it to your local media outlets. We suggest you upload several images prior to sending the press release so visitors have something to view.  This is an important step to ensuring that is successful for your agency.

An "flyer" form for your agency to use is also available to download. This form allows the Law Enforcement agency to attach a local image and print it for display in their lobby, booking area, or anywhere else appropriate. There is no limit to how many separate bulletins the agency can create and post.

Law Enforcement agencies using are asked to create a link on their own website directing visitors to This will go a long way in advertising the site, getting more visitors to the site, and increasing the likelihood of more images identified. A link to placed on the webpage of the Law Enforcement agencies city's website would also help this process.

Law Enforcement agencies need to ensure that their sworn and non-sworn staff are aware they are using It is strongly recommended that email, roll-calls, in-service training, or any other means of communication are utilized to encourage staff to visit the site regularly. New images are likely to be added in your geographical area daily. Patrol Officers are those with the most contact with the public and have a better chance of recognizing subjects from your area. Anyone providing a TIP that leads to the identification of a subject in an image will be eligible for a reward. This includes any Law Enforcement staff.

One of the reasons behind the creation of the site is because too many criminal investigations get closed because the suspect was not identified, even though an image was available. Quality images of suspects obtained from video footage are typically distributed to local Law Enforcement. Images are typically not provided to the public. In higher profile cases suspect's images are sometimes submitted to local newspapers and television stations for public viewing. Although this is sometimes useful, these images may not be seen by those who know the suspect. Once the image is aired on television it normally is not available for future public viewing, meaning that if the right person isn't watching the news at the exact time a suspect's image appears, they are not going to see it. was created to provide Law Enforcement and local Retailers with a cutting edge crime fighting tool. Being a new user of, we encourage your staff to review recently closed cases and upload images of any suspects. Based on the statute of limitations in your state, you may need to go farther back in your archives to obtain these. Sketches are allowed as long as they are saved as a file type you can upload, such as a "jpeg" or "bitmap".

To ensure the most exposure for images you submit, visitors to the site search by city, zip code, or state.  This will allow visitors to view more images without having to search neighboring communities.

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