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It's Never Been Easier to Help the Police in Your Neighborhood

For many concerned citizens, there comes a point in life when they wish they could do more to help the police in their neighborhood and fight crime, but they don't know where to start. We can certainly understand that idea, which is why we created in the first place.

Simply put, we feel like it's never been easier to do your part and help the police. That's because technology has finally allowed us to build a simple tool that men and women can use to identify persons who are wanted for questioning by the police, provide simple tips or direction, and help investigators to find leads that may not have come around otherwise.

Here is everything you need to know about the process, and a few simple tips:

Our website serves as a bridge between local police, retailers, and residents.

When local police or retailers have someone they want to find or question, all they have to do is upload a current photo of the person. Then, residents can quickly look through to see if there's anyone they might recognize.

All the information on our site is given anonymously.

Unlike a lot of other ways to provide tips and help the police or retailers, our site doesn't require that you give them your name or any identifying information. Unless you choose to have them contact you, all tips are submitted anonymously.

Any tip can be helpful to the police.

Many suspects simply "disappear" into a community once the police attempt to question them. For that reason, even a simple tip (like the last known address of a person, where they spend time with their friends, or where they have been seen working) could be the break that investigators need.

You can choose to register for a gift card reward for your tip.

For a person who leaves an e-mail address with their tip (you can create a new email account specifically for use with our site), a $25 gift card will be sent for tips that lead to a successful identification. In other words, you could get a reward just for doing the right thing for a few minutes each week.

The more our site is used, the more valuable it is to law enforcement and retailers.

Obviously, the more people who are looking for wanted persons and suspected criminals, the harder it is for them to hide in your neighborhood. So, pass information about this site along to your friends and family.

It's natural for good people to want to help the police, especially when the benefits to the community are so great. Why not take a few minutes each week to look through the photos on our site and see if you can do your part to fight crime?

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