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General FAQ

Is this website operated by law enforcement?

No law enforcement agency is involved in any aspect of the creation or operation of this site. Law Enforcement and Retail Loss Prevention Agents are however responsible for providing the images posted to the site.

Do I have to leave my email address?

No, you do not. If you want to be eligible for a reward, provide your email address in the appropriate field on the "Submit Information" page. If you want to remain anonymous, then leave this field blank. If you would like someone from the agency that posted the image you provided a tip on to contact you for any reason, then provide your email address and check the box below it.

What if no Law Enforcement or Retailer in my area are using this site?

Feel free to contact your local Law Enforcement agency or retailer and tell them about the site. You may want to ask for a supervisor in the Investigations Division. This site requires input from both Law Enforcement, retail, and the public in order to be a success.

Does the posting Law Enforcement agency or retailer need to know who provides tips for images?

The tip is what's important to Law Enforcement and retailers. This site was created to provide a safe, anonymous format for citizens to get involved in crime prevention without having to leave their homes or identify themselves.

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