Crime Prevention with Anonymous Tips

Why Anonymous Tips Are so Important to Crime Prevention

Anonymous tips have always been an important part of crime prevention, but in the Internet age, the idea is taking on new dimensions. That's because it isn't just our ability to identify criminals that is changing through public websites and forums, but also the types of crimes.
As issues like identity theft become more and more important – and these problems become more and more prevalent – the need to locate suspects quickly is more pressing than it has ever been. That's because lots of criminals may not commit the kinds of crimes that lead to popular news coverage, and at the same time can reappear in new areas with different names and identities.
That means it's up to individual citizens and community members to do what they can to protect themselves and each other. At, we try to make it easier to do exactly that. Here are a few of the reasons that anonymous tips are so important to crime prevention in your community:

Anonymous tips keep criminals off the street.

Obviously, fewer criminals means fewer crimes, and giving anonymous tips to law enforcement authorities in your area helps them track down and remove dangerous people from your city. Identifying wanted suspects, and providing tips to help the police find them, is a great way to prevent someone from being their next victim.

Anonymous tips discourage further criminal activity.

In general, criminals prefer to operate in areas where people aren't paying attention and they are unlikely to be identified or bothered. Once they know that others in their community are looking out for dangerous or suspicious individuals and submitting anonymous tips, they'll likely give up or leave for areas where crime prevention efforts aren't as strong.

When private citizens take action, it creates a sense of community.

Beyond the crimes that are reported on the news, there are also other losses that come with thefts and violent activities – entire communities of people can begin to feel afraid and helpless. When individual citizens send anonymous tips to the police, however, a stronger sense of community is created, and people learn that they can fight back against criminals.

Traditionally, most law-abiding people recognize and agree with these points, but may have been hesitant to come forward because they fear that others will find out that they have shared information, and may become targets for future crimes themselves. With our blind submission process, however, you don't just stay anonymous, but can actually earn a reward for your tip without ever sharing your name or personal information.

It's never been easier to share anonymous tips and be on the right side of crime prevention in your community. Why not look through the photos of potential suspects in your area today and see if you can identify someone who is wanted… and make your home safe at the same time?

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